NF - On Another Level

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You call it a hobby, I call it a way of life
No way that you can stop me
You know that I've been trainin', right?
The more you try to block me, the more that I control the fight
And now you on the ropes, now you on the ropes
Whatchu gon' do!?
Quittin's not an option
That voice in your head that keeps telling you "You got this" lied to you
And now everybody's watchin'
You shoulda worked a little harder, 'cause, man, your punches are garbage!
I dream big, ain't that the point of it?
Let's keep it real, huh, ain't that the point of this?
They used to tell me I was nothing, nothing
Now they tell me that I'm something, what's it
Gonna take for you to understand the concept?
I ain't really got no time for all the nonsense
See, to you this is a joke, a little project
I guess you'll never understand this kinda mindset

Started as a dream, grow into reality...

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