ChuggaBoom - Mad Skills Brah! (enhanced sound)

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3:14 - ChuggaBoom - Mad Skills Brah! (enhanced sound)
Загружено 30 июня 2016
[Verse 1I'm bored today, so I find a game to play nowAngry today, so I find someone to blame nowScrolling through the list of thousandsSpending hours at a timePlaying online, to show the world I am not aNoob, Scrub, Camper, Feeding, Son of a Bitch[Pre-Chorus]Come at me bro, I'll take your soulWhat the fuck no?!That was my kill motherfucker!Noob Kill-Stealing Cancerous FuckGo die in a fire![Chorus]So I eat another appleTo calm my nerves beforeI click 500,000 timesI'm so MLG[Verse 2I've decided to go more retroLet's play some MarioI'm down in sewer nowFeel free to come and join meI know we'll make it easyBecause we're playing this WiiJust you and meI'm bored of that game now, time to have a look aroundOh look at what I have found, the original BioshockI look at the box, remember the final boss"Would you kindly..." fuck that no actuallyI see a stack of GameCube gamesI don't have a clue what I want to playMaybe Sonic AdventureActually, I'm better at MOBA'sI died a-fucking-gain

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