JungWoo and SooYeon I Never Told You --Missing You

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3:3 - JungWoo and SooYeon "I Never Told You" --Missing You
Загружено 28 августа 2014
★ ●•°•МОИ ДОРАМКИ + <<фан-видео>> >Spoilers up to episode 12!This drama is all about the extreme emotions! Micky YooChun is doing a really fantastic job as JungWoo...I love that he's carried over similar mannerisms that Yeo JinGoo had when he was playing young JungWoo. Yoon EunHye is, of course, awesome, but SooYeon is getting a bit annoying. I know she's seriously traumatized, but- So. Much. Crying! Poor Yoo SeungHo, I can see his character closing in on the edge of s

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