MMD Kuroyu UTAU Namine Ritsu

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2:20 - MMD | Kuroyu | UTAU | Namine Ritsu
Загружено 21 декабря 2016
This is a great shader, even though it's quite difficult to understand how it works.Credits:~ Song: Kill Everybody by Skrillex~ Motion & Came...

4:26 - [MMD] Kuroyu | TriOxygen | UTAU | Tri Oxygen | Namine Ritsu
Загружено 10 июня 2015
Misuc: Vocaloid - Eden (?)*Models: [550 watchers gift] kuroyu utaus by nyoomy ()*Stage: Stage 93 by MMD3DCGParts (), stage 02 by ???*Motion/Camera: Eden*Effects: ColorShift, Earthquake, Dust Effect, ScanLines, HgSAO, HgSSAO, SvSSAO, o_Bleach-bypass, o_LikeHDR, o_toProcColor, o_toProcColor, o_toProfileColor, o_Vignette, o_Vignette_HQ, o_SelfOverlay, AutoLuminous, Tone

4:16 - [MMD] Kuroyu | Namine Ritsu | UTAU | Defoko | Yowane Haku | Hibikase
Загружено 30 мая 2015
I think it's about time I made trailer for my channel* * Credits * *Song: Hibikase cover by Kaito ShionMotion: HibikaseModels: Cyber Drive Haku by TDA and llUnova ; Kuroyu Defoko by thisisnommy ; Kuroyu Ritsu by thisisnommyStage: Black Rock Shooter by Kagamineheart

2:51 - 「MMD」Kuroyu | TriOxygen | Carbon White | UTAU | Kasane Teto | Namine Ritsu
Загружено 15 апреля 2015
My first MMD video. I've used some shaders effects such as Adult Shader f3x to models of Teto and Ritsu. Also I've used a Working floor, Autoluminous and FX Shadow. Thanks for watching! Stage by GekishouModels by Kuroyu.Аll rights reserved.

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