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1:35 - OUAT || A Tribute To Emma Swan
Загружено 17 мая 2021
In honor of Jennifer Morrison leaving OUAT, I just wanted to make this video to show Emma's journey.

This is SO simple but I think sometimes simple is powerful.
They say having strength is also having vulnerability. They say the worst situations can blossom into the most beautiful happy beginnings. They say anything is possible with love and family…And they were right.
For the past six seasons we have witnessed Emma Swan transform from a lost orphan into a strong and a very loved woman. We have seen her find her family, her true love, and her home. Through all of the hardships and struggles, Emma Swan has taught us to never give up even when things seem all hopeless. Even though Jennifer has agreed to move on from Emma Swan doesn’t mean we have to I think Emma will always be such a huge part of our lives and it’s a character we can rely on and also trust in.
Long live Emma Swan because Jennifer was right, this isn’t the end, this is a happy beginning.
Ugly duckling forever, and we

2:34 - Tribute to Emma Swan. | OUAT
Загружено 25 сентября 2015
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''I don't want them to need me''

► WHOAH hello everybody :D I'm back with an emma swan tribute video and I really need to say that I completely detsroyed this..holly soundtrack... I mean this music needs SUCH a more beautiful video and destroyed it a little but its okay I think ..xDYasss anyways I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to vid this song , I had heard in a video before and I was like ''Yup come to me baby'' hahah ..I've never done an instrumental tribute before..Act

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